Eagan Theater to Perform Tom Sawyer

Haley Kaul, News Writer

Coming soon to the Eagan High School auditorium is the spring play, Tom Sawyer. This play is adapted from a book of the same title written by Mark Twain. The story follows the protagonists through sometime in the mid-eighteen hundreds, two decades or so before the Civil War.
The twelve-year-old main character goes through a whirlwind of events. After skipping school, he is punished by having to whitewash a fence. The sneaky boy tries to get his friends to do the job for him. He then gets “engaged” to a girl who is new to his school name Becky. But then the plot thickens when Tom and his friend, Huckleberry Finn, witness the murder of Dr. Robinson. They swear not to tell a soul about what they had seen, or who they had seen murdering Robinson. When a man is wrongfully arrested for the murder, Tom’s guilt starts to eat at him.
There are many students involved in the play with roles both on and off the stage. Nick Saxton as Tom Sawyer, heads the cast of the play with supporting roles by John Herband as Huck Finn, Grant Swanson as Joe, Kasia Guzior as Becky, Maddie Sell as Aunt Polly, Sam Chipman as Trapper Joe, Jackson Cobb as Dr. Robinson, and Jake Edelman as Muff Potter.
The first rehearsal was in mid March, which gives the cast about five weeks of rehearsals before their senior preview on April 23. Five weeks isn’t a lot of time to put together a whole production but if anyone can to it, it will be this team, with both the cast and the crew. They have four official shows and the senior preview. The shows are at 7:30 p.m. on April 25 and 26 and May 2 and 3. Be sure to catch a show or too