Malaysia Plane Debris Yet To Be Found

Robyn Ehrlich, News Writer

There has been a lot of international drama surrounding the missing plane of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. Although it mysteriously disappeared on March 8th, the plane was declared crashed in the ocean on March 24th.
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was a scheduled international passenger flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing that lost contact with air traffic control on 8 March 2014, less than an hour after its initial takeoff. There were about 239 people total on board the plane, 207 of those people were passengers.
On April 5th and 8th, underwater signals were picked up which would’ve been signals from the plane and the cockpit before its batteries died. Satelite images have shown that the plane appears to have veered off course possibly running out of gas. It is presumed that the plane crashed and there were no survivors. So far not one piece of debris from the crash has been found.
On April 14th a U.S. Navy underwater drone was forced to resurface from the bottom of the Indian Ocean during the search due to technical difficulties. Unfortunately, a trace of the jetline has yet to be found.
A story similar to this happened in the United States about 64 years ago. A flight by Northwestern Airlines (Flight 2501) from New York to Minnesota was lost, supposedly somewhere near the waters of Lake Michigan near South Haven, though no traces of this airplane’s disaster have been found either.
About the most recent global devastation, the Malaysian Flight 370, Eagan High Schools’ Ms. Olson of the German department thinks that the plane is “deep in the depths of the ocean” and that of the 207 original passengers, there are no survivors. She, along with numerous people throughout the globe, are baffled and, frankly, panicked about this worldwide phenomenon. Updates on the missing jetline are posted regularly on CNN, as well as other news records.