Speech Team Finds Success at State

Mikaila Johns, News Writer

Eagan High School’s speech team competed at the State tournament in March. Many EHS students competed at the tournament and ranked very well.

Habon Ali won 1st in Great Speeches, Nick Saxton/Quincy Nkwonta got 4th place in duo, Grant Swanson got 4th place in serious interpretations and Cortland Styles-Brown got 5th in creative expression.

Ali commented on her reaction to getting first at state,“ I didn’t move at all, tears were running down my face and I didn’t wipe them away for like two minutes. Also what makes winning even better is my coach handed me the first place trophy and it was amazing because it’s my last year at Eagan High School and I get to leave with a BANG!”

Due to her great performance at state this year, Ali is looking to the future with optimism, deciding she definitely wants to try out for the state team when she goes to college at Georgetown. “If they have a speech team I will try out but if not i would like to speak for community service or Model UN that would be great because then I get experience of a life time!”

With state now out of the way, the team is looking ahead to nationals. Last year at nationals Emerald Egwim, a current senior got 3nd in Dramatic Interpretation and Laurel Scott, also an current senior, got 2nd in Oratory. Eagan has had such success there’s no doubt that next year at State and at Nationals Eagan shouldn’t have a problem ranking again.