Laura Osnes Visits EHS

Olivia Weinberger, News Editor

Eagan’s own Laura Osnes, was in the auditorium answering questions on April 28th. Now an actress on broadway, Osnes discussed her amazing journey on how she got to where she is today.

While she was a student at EHS, she participated in multiple plays, some of which she still considers her favorite that she’s ever performed in. Two of the biggest ones were A Miracle Worker, where she played Annie Sullivan, and Peter Pan, where she played Peter. Both plays gave her the position as the lead role.

Although she graduated from EHS in 2004, the experiences she had at Eagan have stayed with her. “I got a little bit emotional watching the miracle worker clip.” Osnes confesses, “just remembering all the amazing memories that happened on this stage. And Peter Pan the flying…it was right here! I’m just thrilled to be back”. She still considers Peter Pan one of the most magical experiences in her acting career due to the ‘flying’ she got to do on stage.

After graduating from Eagan, she remained involved with acting as much as she could. Working with the children’s theater in Chanhassen got her onto national television. This then led to her chance to be on broadway which is where she has remained ever since.

One of the most popular shows Osnes was in on broadway was Cinderella. Playing the lead role, she put a lot of hard work into making the show the best it could be. One thing she had to get used to was performing and dancing in a large gown. The white ball gown dress she wore weighed 15 pounds and had a total of 18 layers of fabric.

While it is extremely difficult to get onto broadway and find the success Osnes did, it certainly is not impossible. She gives her advice for teenagers looking to have a future in acting, “There’s no cookie cut out way of making it. It’s about being in the right place at the right time, following your heart and knowing what you’re right for.” She also recommends looking for colleges with good theater programs and staying well rounded in many activities.

Many students went to the auditorium to listen to Osnes speak. Junior Morgan Rainford said, “I’m in such awe of her because through all of this she has managed to stay so completely humble and is such a genuinely nice person. It’s just really inspiring seeing someone who was in our shoes ten years ago and where she is now.”

If you weren’t able to hear her speak that day or if you just want to hear her again, go to Cat Cast on the EHS website. There’s a full length video of her speech available for viewing.