Minnesota Minimum Wage Increase Starting August

Kyle Volkers, News Writer

Minnesota is among a growing list of states that will be raising the minimum wage in August of this year.

In August, the minimum wage will be raising from $7.25, the current price, to $9.00. The wage will continue to rise in stages until it reaches $9.50 an hour.

Many employed teenagers tend to get paid at minimum wage. However, they won’t be the only ones affected by the raise. Many adults have minimum wage paying jobs as well. The rise in minimum wage will benefit many people who currently live off a salary of $7.25.

Full-time minimum-wage workers today earn about $15,000 a year. In 1968, they earned about $20,000 per year. While this was certainly not enough for a life of luxury, it was enough for a family to stay above the poverty line. The new minimum wage will keep many families above the poverty line and living a comfortable life.