22 Eagan Seniors Commended for PSAT Success


Olivia Weinberger, News Editor

22 seniors here at EHS have received honors recognition for their outstanding PSAT scores. They took the test last fall, and on September 10th  they got the news on their success.

Five of the seniors are semi-finalists, they scored in the top 1% of all seniors in the nation. The students who received this honor are as follows:

-Joshua Duchene

-Jacob El-Afandi

-Eric Elert

-Helen Matsoff

-Dennis Melamed

They will now move into the Finalist Award process and the Scholarship competition.

Helen Matsoff, one of the semi-finalists, shares more about the award, “Colleges will be able to see this. Also, a lot of colleges offer scholarships for it. I’ll put it on my applications.”

There is more to come for these five if they hope to become finalists. Matsoff describes more in detail what is to come, “First you have to take the SAT and submit your classes. You have to prove your PSAT score isn’t a fluke. So then you become a finalist scholar and then finalists can get scholarships either from colleges or the National Merit Organization.” The results from this process will be revealed in March.

The other 17 seniors who were commended scored in the top 2-5% of all seniors in the nation. The students who received this honor are as follows:

-Erin Barcaskey

-Miriam Barnicle

-Matthew Erickson

-John Holm

-Elizabeth Jaeb

-Bartosz Janczuk

-Sarah  Jurgens

-Utkarsh  Koshti

-Sarah Lardy

-Anthony Metcalfe

-Katherine Moon

-Madeline O’Connor

-Melanie Quick

-Devin Roelke

-Jacob Rupp

-Suraj Shah

-Olivia  Taylor

Sarah Jurgens gives advice to Juniors who will be taking the test soon, “I got a tutor because I really wanted to do well. I would definitely recommend that. And then study for the SAT and then take the PSAT because it’s the same test so you can basically study for both at the same time.”

What is the PSAT exactly? The PSAT is exactly like the SAT except in a shorter version. It is essentially like taking the practice test for the real college entrance exam. If you do well enough, like the students listed above, there are often scholarship opportunities available.