All Juniors to Take the ACT

Robyn Ehrlich, News Writer

Junior or not, you must have heard about the American College Testing, or the ACT, being offered for free to every EHS student of the class of 2015 and below. This, however, is not just a District 196 occurrence.

The Minnesota legislature decided that starting this year, every Junior in the state is required to take the ACT, plus writing, at the taxpayers’ expense.

“It’s an official test,” Dr. Reikowski assures. “It will be given on April 28th throughout the state.” The logistics, though not completely planned out just yet, will go a little something like this: The very morning of April 28th, 2014, students will gather in different rooms around the building in groups of approximately twenty to twenty-five.

The test is a legitimate ACT that can be used for college applications, though it might not be the first or only time a student will take it. “So now, everyone takes the EXPLORE in eighth grade,” Reikowski elaborates. “the PLAN in tenth grade, and now the ACT in eleventh grade.” Until this year, EHS has not once had every single student take the ACT, and the administrators are extremely proud, as are many of the students.