Eagan Welcomes New Teachers

Olivia Weinberger, News Editor

With the start of school comes the start of new things. New classes, new friends, new teachers. This year at EHS, the school welcomes six new teachers, a few of whom are returners.

The new teachers are Mr. Brook, Mr. Hammond, Ms. Phelps, Mr. Belter, Ms. Naill and Mr. Peloquin. They teach a variety of subjects, from English, to Social Studies, to Special Education, to CIP.

Mr. Hammond, a new English teacher this year, shares his favorite part about Eagan so far, “I’ve been shocked by how friendly all the kids are, I kind of expected kids to be like ‘ugh I hate school’ but everyone seems to be okay being here. Which is really nice.”

With the positive first two weeks he’s had, he has some things he’s looking forward to this year, “I look forward to not feeling like I don’t know where everything is. And feeling like I have to ask questions like, ‘Where do we keep toilet paper?’. Not that I need to know where toilet paper is but you know what I mean.” He continues by saying, “and I look forward to sleep.”

A second teacher EHS is welcoming is Ms. Naill. She worked here for 15 years, went to SHMS for one year, and came back this year.

She is a teacher in the Social Studies department. Much like Mr. Hammond, she enjoys the kids here at EHS, “My favorite part of EHS has always been the kids. While no school is perfect I have always been proud of our student body.”

Another thing Ms. Naill and Mr. Hammond have in common is their classroom pet peeve. They both decided that students packing up before the bell is something they don’t like. Mr. Hammond also has a particular disliking for the word ‘yolo’.


All of these teachers will be given a warm, wildcats welcome!