‘Eagan Has Talent’ Auditions Approaching

Photo courtesy of YouTube

Morgan Rainford, Annika Heine, and Claire Altendahl perform Fleetwood Macs “The Chain” at last year’s Eagan Has Talent competition.

Olivia Weinberger, News Editor

Coming up on October 8th and October 14th are the auditions for this years’ performance of Eagan has Talent. The auditions will be from 3pm-6pm on the 8th and from 5pm-8pm on the 14th. The Eagan Has Talent show will be on November 1 at 7 pm in the Auditorium.


This year, Ms. Terhark will be helping members of the Eagan Foundation organize the event. She shares her favorite part of the show, “[I like] having students be the people who host the whole evening. They’re able to make it their own and add their own personal touches to the introductions of the various acts so I think that’s kind of a unique thing.”


She also shared that this year, seniors David Immen and Bianca Nkwonta will be the students hosting the event. Both of them are captains of the speech team, making them great candidates for the role.


Immen says he’s looking forward to “getting creative with the show and [making] it as fun as possible.” He and Nkwonta will be introducing each act before they come on stage and “facilitating the process of the show.”


In the past there has been a large variety of acts that people perform. Last year, there were about 12-15 acts in the show. Typically, people choose to do dance or musical performances, however, it doesn’t have to be limited to that. There have been magic acts the last two years and once a full band performed on stage.


Students are encouraged to use their imagination to showcase their talents, “I really like to see skits that people put together.” Says Terhark, “That would add a nice touch to things.”


For more information on the show, visit the EHS website. There is a page including rules for the acts and FAQ’s along with more specific details on audition and show times.