College Fair Begins Tuesday


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Last years’ college fair at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Olivia Weinberger, News Editor

Over 300 Colleges and Universities will be attending the Minnesota college fair this Tuesday and Wednesday at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Eagan High School students have the opportunity to be excused from school to go to the fair from 9a.m. to 12p.m. on Wednesday October 8th; however, all students attending must be back by 6th and 7th hour.


Ms. Haider, a counselor here at EHS, went more in depth on what the fair really is, “It is a national fair that travels around to different places, and it’s just a way for colleges from all over the country to come and meet with students and give them information on admissions, extra-curricular opportunities at the school, housing, financial information, and it’s all there in one place. So students can visit multiple colleges all at one place.”


While this may sound overwhelming, there are a few ways to prepare before the fair to avoid wasting your time. Most, if not all, of the booths will be giving out some sort of hand out or brochure with more information about their school. It is recommended that students attending bring a bag to carry all the papers they will be collecting. Also, it’s a good idea to make a list of which schools you’d like to talk to, along with some questions you may have for them. A complete list of the schools attending is online at


There are many questions that are good to ask. If there are any specific programs you’d like to know more about, ask about that. Also, it’s good to ask about financial details and scholarship opportunities. Ms. Haider felt the scholarship question is a good one to ask, “In addition to scholarships, find out if it’s part of the application when you submit it or do you have to submit a separate scholarship application.” Furthermore, she suggests asking about extra-curricular activities, intramurals, Greek life, campus housing, ACT averages for admission  and questions about classes.


Along with preparing questions, it is suggested that students pre-register. Usually, students have to sign up over and over at each booth that they go to so they can receive more information in the future. However, with pre-registration, students enter their name and information and will then receive a barcode that colleges can scan if you’re interested in receiving more information. The pre-registration can be completed at


Overall, Ms. Haider feels that it’s a good idea to attend the fair, “I don’t think it would substitute a college visit, but it’s sort of a step before that. It gives general information about a college.”


Many senior students who went to the fair last year recommend going. Senior, Amanda Friedland, explains why she suggests students should go, “There were a lot of different college there and it was really helpful finding out about them and what they can do for you. You get to talk to a representative and it’s nice to talk to somebody face to face instead of always looking at stuff online.”


Another senior, Brenna Steichen, explains that it’s beneficial “being able to talk to representatives from schools that are far away.”


Ms. Haider has further suggestions about what to do after attending the fair, “I think it’d be great to do the campus visit. Also I think it doesn’t hurt to grab the card of the person you talked to and follow up with any additional questions that you have because often times those are the same people that will be reviewing applications if you submit.”

If you are unable to go to the fair during school on Wednesday, you can go after school on Tuesday any time from 4:30-8:00pm. If you are planning to go the fair during school on Wednesday, permission slips must be turned in by Tuesday, October 7th.