‘Eagan Has Talent’ Show a Success

Morgan Reddekopp, News Writer

Last Saturday, November 1st, brought forth much excitement with the annual Eagan Has Talent show. Each year, Eagan High School holds this event to show off the talented people in our community. This year’s show had a huge variety of acts including singers, dancers, magicians and much more.

Unfortunately the crowd at this year’s show wasn’t as large as years in the past according to Ms. Terhark, one of the organizers of this event. This w

There wasn’t an act I thought was bad or mediocre

— Joe Kelly

as likely because our Volleyball team played on the night of the show.

However, the acts did not disappoint. Sophomore musician Joe Kelly says, “I felt pretty confident before I performed, and I felt awesome after! The other acts were awesome too; there wasn’t an act that I thought was bad or mediocre.”

Ms. Terhark seems to agree, saying that she thought that this year’s acts were much stronger and had much more variety than last year’s.

Eagan Has Talent is different from other talent shows. Ms. Terhark says this is because we keep the show in our community and open it up to people in the community who support Eagan High School. Also, unlike other talent shows, Eagan Has Talent is not a competition. It is simply an exhibition to show off the talent that we have right in our community.

Olivia Crutchfield

This show could not have been possible without the event organizers. They had many important jobs to complete to make the show as successful as possible. They go to meetings with the Eagan Foundation to review the things that went well and things that didn’t go well in past shows, make adjustments to the way the show works, advertise for the auditions, post online applications, recruit performers and make sure that the rehearsals run smoothly. Without the event organizers, the show would not have been the hit that it was.

Next year, the organizers are considering moving the show into mid-January to avoid confliction with Eagan’s powerful Volleyball team. However, no matter when the show is, it is sure to be a great success due to all of the hard work of everybody involved.