Veterans Day: A Celebration of America’s Heroes

Morgan Reddekopp, News Writer

Tuesday, November 11 marks an important day on the calendars of Americans: Veterans Day. This day celebrates and honors the Veterans who have served for our country. At Eagan High School, Veterans Day is taken very seriously.

Each year, it holds a Veterans Day assembly, inviting all Eagan veterans and their families along with all students and faculty members to attend. This year’s assembly will be hard to top, featuring performances by the EHS Wind Ensemble, the Voca Choir and a heartfelt speech by Joe Fritze, who serves in the United States military.

Amanda Adams, wife of five year Navy and seven year National Guard member, says that she thinks the assembly went well. She explains, “I think the students help make it happen. It is rare for them to stay quiet for so long. Although the weather didn’t cooperate, the assembly ended up being nice.”

It helps remind students what a veteran in 2014 is”

— Ms. Adams

The Veterans Day assembly has a large impact on many people of all ages. Ms. Adams states, “It helps remind students what a veteran in 2014 is. Hopefully this assembly impacted them in a way that helps them be able to discuss it.” She also hopes that assemblies like Eagan’s encourage students to get involved in their community and to support organizations that support the needs of veterans.


But what kind of an impact does this incredible ceremony have on the veterans? Ms. Adams believes that it is a positive one. She elaborates by explaining that it is good for them to be around respectful teenage students.

The assembly also celebrates the diversity and experience of our veterans. They come from many different branches of the military, and differ in ways such as age and gender. It could also be helpful to know that there are many people out there who support and are thankful for their service.


Veterans Day has a great affect on our community. It offers support to the people who have worked to ensure our freedom. It can also bring the community together as we gather to honor our veterans. Without these hardworking people, many things in our country could be very different than the way things are today. So please, be sure to thank a veteran for all their hard work!