Freshman Retreat December 9th

Mariam Tahir, News Editor

Coming up on December 9th is the 12th annual freshmen retreat. The retreat is mainly based on respect, whether it be for yourself, others, or standing up for it.

The goal of the retreat is to build a more unified class. Ms. Krohse-Hermon, one of the counselors explains, “It’s just one of the initiatives in the building to build school community and build relationships where not everybody has to be friends but not be enemies.”

build school community and build relationships”

— Ms. Krohse-Hermon

EHS is partnered with Youth Frontiers, a nonprofit organization that is based in the Twin Cities. Their vision is to change the way students treat each other everyday in the hallway, lunch line, or in the classroom. Fourteen years ago when Youth Frontiers started, they were a small group and not many people had heard of them. Now they are so common, effective, and fun that they offer retreats for groups aging from fifth graders to faculty and staff.

“The whole retreat is part fun and games, and running around and then there is small group time where you would talk with the people in your group along with your leaders,” says Ms. Krohse-Herman. There will be eighty-four leaders, all upperclassmen from EHS, who are mainly Link leaders and student ambassadors.

Students can expect a performance from a musician at the retreat, along with many other unexpected surprises. As of right now, about 90% of the freshmen class is going. Administration encourages every ninth grader to go because it’s an extremely fun experience, and its one less day of school.

Its still not late to sign up. Freshmen can find a permission slip in the office or online. Scholarships are also available for any student who may need it. To find if you have already signed up you can check on the school website. You can talk to Ms. Krohse or Ms. Tubbs for any additional information.