Let the Prom Planning Begin

Elsie Goren, Co-Editor-in-Chief

On Wednesday, December 1oth, the prom committee organized their opening meeting. Much occurred and was planned for prom, including the location and time.

The location of  the Grand March, a fashionable parade where the students dress in their Prom finery as the community watches, is going to be assembled at Fort Snelling whereas the dance will be situated at the Mall of America, transpiring from 8:oo to 10:00. Afterwards, there will be unlimited rides at Nickelodeon universe until 11:30. The prom committee is also continuing their tradition of not voting on a king or queen because everyone should feel like royalty at prom.

These details are definite but other features such as the theme, and activities that will be present at prom still have to be determined through a unique and exclusive process. Mrs. Keech, the mastermind behind Eagan’s prom, explains the procedure of creating the perfect night.

“Once we establish who our members are, I have them go to Pinterest and create a board. In January, they come back to the large group and show them their board, and, after everybody does a presentation, the prom committee will write down some of the things they loved about that person’s board. After all of them do that, we look at a list of all the different things that we liked and ask ourselves how it can all make a theme. This way, everybody gets what they want on prom night.”

Although you may not realize it, an extreme amount of dedication, hard work, and creativity (on Pinterest and in school) is put into making prom extraordinary.

Mrs. Keech describes the prom committee as mindful, responsible, and dependable team players, “They are creating an event for the entire student body, so every decision made has to be thought about how it’s going to be helpful to the prom participants, the parents, and the committee.”

Just go to prom. If you don’t have a date, go with a bunch of friends.”

— Mrs. Keech

It’s because of this that Mrs. Keech loves arranging prom with her committee because she gets to meet some really exceptional young men and women and let each new prom unveil itself.

Simply put, whether you like to dance or want to wear a stylish outfit, it’s going to be a blast. Mrs. Keech recommends that you go, “It’s a milestone. Just go to prom. If you don’t have a date, go with a bunch of friends. It really shouldn’t be missed.”