Armful of Love Exceeds Its Goal

Lauren Kalina, Editor-in-Chief

Yet another of Student Government’s charity projects, Armful of Love, has been a success this year. The school not only met but exceeded its goal for donations.

“We’re happy with how it went!” Summarized Mrs. Comer, a math teacher and student government advisor, enthusiastically.

The Armful of Love project is run by the student government and happens annually before Christmas. The charity works to provide Christmas gifts to families in need.

“Each child gets to pick two fun gifts and two practical gifts, like clothes or jackets. Each parent gets a practical gift also, and then we give them a gift card for food,” Mrs. Comer explains. Eagan receives a list of families and their requests, and the student government distributes the gift requests to all the PAWS. Each PAWS is responsible for raising enough money to buy the gift they were assigned. Once the money is collected, the student government handles the rest.

They get together and shop for all the gifts at Target. After that, they meet after school to wrap gifts for four days. They then send them to the Armful of Love organization, where the families get to pick up their personalized Christmas presents.

And we definitely had a surplus

— Mrs. Comer

This year, Eagan bought presents for twelve different families. Mrs. Comer describes the student governments’ goal, “We wanted to make sure that all the families were covered. So, we wanted to [raise enough money for] everything they requested or a surplus. And we definitely had a surplus.”  The extra donation money will be used for the families’ gift cards and some will be donated to even more families in need.

Eagan High School is very proud of all its students and staff members for being so charitable, whether they donated money in PAWS or were part of the hard-working student government team. Winter volunteer projects like Armful of Love not only benefit our community during a difficult time, but also put everyone in the holiday spirit.