Volleyball Tournament to Replace Sadies

Sydney Zatz, News Writer

Traditionally winter blast week ends with Sadies, however this year the student body voted to have a volleyball tournament instead.

Sadies attendance rates have been dropping over the years. Last year student government brought in a DJ to school lunches to try to get everyone excited for the dance, but that wasn’t enough to raise the attendance rates. Last year, less than 100 students showed up at the dance. Finally, Student Government decided it was time for a change.

“We were constantly losing money over the years.” says Sarah Lardy, Vice President of Student Government, “We were just losing money. Which doesn’t help out when it comes to the DJ, Police and gym rental costs. A lot of it was kids dressing up and going out to dinner instead of coming to the dance.”

A school wide vote was held to come up with a replacement activity for Sadies. Some ideas included Brunswick Bowling and a dodgeball tournament. Student Government decided against dodgeball because generally Link hosts that event.

Eagan has good spirit and we love team sports.

— Sarah Lardy

Lardy added, “ There were several ideas thrown around for the replacement activity for winter blast week. Eagan has good spirit and we love team sports. The dodgeball tournament is always so successful as well so we thought that would be a good direction to go in.”

Sign-up and more information about the tournament will be released within the next few weeks.