Model United Nations: A Simulation Like No Other

Elsie Goren, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Coming up on March 26th through the 28th is the YMCA Youth in Government’s Model United Nations, an event which replicates an actual UN assembly. This simulation, which has been going on for more than twenty years, allows 7th – 12th graders across the state of Minnesota to represent  their country of choice and assemble to deliberate and discuss their proposed resolutions to global issues.

It will take place at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Minneapolis and is expected to cost about $330 which includes transportation, fees for the conference, and two nights in the hotel.

YMCA Youth in Government believes in a “learning by doing” ideology. Model United Nations is orchestrated almost entirely by students. They do this by investigating a country’s history, society/lifestyle, form of government, and its economy. Participants can also engage in a model General Assembly, International Court of Justice, Security Council, Conference Newspaper, Human Rights Council, or Economic and Social Council.

It really opens your mind to other people’s opinions.

— Amy Rowan

If you wish to sign up, online registration is coming soon. Overall, it’s a fantastic escapade for students.

Amy Rowan, an advisor for Eagan’s group, explains why it shouldn’t be missed, “Kids should participate because it’s a great experience. It really opens your mind to other people’s opinions. There is truly nothing else like this program. Students figure out how to communicate in a respectful way while still standing up for their adopted country’s beliefs.”

After the meeting, a carnival will be held with numerous activities including games and bounce houses. In addition, a banquet will be held with fascinating cultural enjoyment, followed shortly after by a dance, where the students will get to hang out with their new friends and even make some more.

“ The students meet and interact with other Minnesota students on many different levels.” Rowan says, “ The friendships you make at a YIG (Youth in Government) event are truly lifelong friendships.”

The friendships you make at a YIG (Youth in Government) event are truly lifelong friendships.

— Amy Rowan

The first  information meeting happened on Tuesday, January 27, at the Eagan YMCA.  Another meeting will be held at 7:15 on Tuesday, February 3rd at the same YMCA. Amy and the rest and the rest of YMCA Youth in Government highly encourage new members to join. If you have any question or complications, feel free to contact Amy at [email protected] or 651-319-8010.