Speech Season Starting Up

Lauren Kalina, Editor-in-Chief

With speech season just starting up, Senior captains Bianca Nkwonta and Nick Saxton feel the team is ready for their year to start.

Nkwonta shares, “The team is prepared. Of course more work can and will be done, but I think we’ve got a good group.”

Both captains are especially proud of the new additions to the team. “I’m really excited to see what all of our novices can do this year,” says Saxton. “We’ve taken in some great novices,” Nkwonta agrees.

I just want this to be a great team, both competitively and chemistry-wise.”

— Nick Saxton

Nkwonta’s goal for this year is that the team will work hard so they can be as successful as possible. Saxton says, “I just want this to be a great team, both competitively and chemistry-wise.”

This year will have its share of challenges, though. The new Chanhassen Tournament means that the team will have to perform a week earlier than normal. Another obstacle the team will have to face is the loss of last year’s seniors. However, Saxton remains optimistic, saying, “I think as a team we’ll make up for [it], but that will be our main challenge.”

This year, the team has already competed and done well in several tournaments, some of them being travelling trips, where some of the finalists and even champions were from Eagan. There will be tournaments every Saturday for the rest of the season, and the  Eagan Tournament is coming up in March. Nick Saxton is already looking forward to Nationals, which he hopes to qualify in.

Overall, it is shaping up to be an exciting season for the Speech Team. “I’m very excited for the season!” Nkwonta says. “It’s gonna be a phenomenal year for this team”.