One Act Performs Comedy

Sydney Zatz, News Writer

This year, Ms. Owzarek chose “The Complete History of America (Abridged)” to be the show for the One Act.

The show was written back in 1993. The original script was like a fill-in the blank book. It was written so that all the characters were called by their own name. Originally the script was filled with references to Blockbuster and other 90’s fads, but the cast was able to change some of the script to include some more current fads and figures such as Netflix and Beyonce.

I liked that it was a comedy.

— NIck Saxton

The MSHSL has four pages of rules when it comes to the competition. The most important rule is that the show has to be under 35 minutes. You also can’t have more than 20 kids involved including tech crew, and set-up has to be done in under 10 minutes.

Some of the more simpler rules include no food or dangerous props onstage and there can only be lighting in certain areas.

Actor Nick Saxton said, “It’s a competition so it’s a lot shorter but it’s a lot different from the dramas we usually do like when we did ‘Elephant Man’. I liked that it was a comedy.”

However the MSHSL rules sometimes aren’t the most challenging parts to abide by when it comes to the production of the show.

Saxton added, “The most challenging part was figuring out how to play an audience with a 6 person cast. Instead of one person being in control and yelling at the ensemble, you have 6 people in control.”

Having a small cast and crew means that everyone gets to know each other very well. Saxton shares, “It was a lot of fun this year because I did it last year and it’s a competition. So I get to act with my friends who tried out and we’ve really gotten to know each other.”

Of course, the show couldn’t be done without the work of Ms. Owzarek. She explains, “I’ve been doing the One Act for 12 years and it all started when there was an open director’s slot for the One Act. I took it and I’ve been doing it ever since.”