Medallion Hunt Starts Today

Sydney Zatz, News Writer

The Medallion Hunt starts tomorrow, a tradition at Eagan that started 7 years ago. A medallion will be hidden somewhere on the school grounds and a series of clues will be released that lead to where the medallion is hidden.

It all started when Ms. Stensaas and Mr. Hauenstein were trying to come up with something they could do for Winter Blast week that would be split up over time so it’s not just one single event. Mr. Hauenstein had heard of the St. Paul Medallion Hunt and he brought the idea up as a possible option for EHS.

Today, Ms. Stensaas is the only one in charge of the hunt. Ms. Stensaas said, “It’s nice to know I’m the only one who knows where it is. The first year we did it there were 4 teachers and that created a lot of paranoia over who told people what. I was the one who wrote the clues so I just decided to take over. Plus it’s fun for teachers to help students find it”

Preparation for the Medallion Hunt starts months in advance. “During the summer I walk around the school when no one’s here and think of places that would be good hiding spots. I then write the clues ahead of time. As it get’s closer, I pull out the clues and decide which set of clues would be the best with what’s going on in the school and what the weather’s like.” shares Ms. Stensaas.

During the summer I walk around the school when no one’s here and think of places that would be good hiding spots.

— Ms. Stensaas

Two of the past three years have been a group of kids who have won. The prize is a $50 gas card, a $50 Best Buy card and $50 worth of food brought in from anywhere within a 20-mile radius. There are a total of 7 clues that will help students find the medallion.

Ms. Stensaas added, “You have to read the clues and be open to the obvious. The clues get more obvious as it goes on. If it gets to the last clue, it will literally tell you where it is.”

The medallion can be inside or outside of the school within a certain area. It is not in the library and student’s are not allowed to leave study halls, classes or PAWS to go find it. Medallion hunting must be done before or after school. The first medallion clue will be posted this Wednesday at 6:55 AM on the Eagan Independent twitter (@eaganindependent) and on the school’s homepage at 7:00 AM.