$4,100 Raised Through Food Drive


Sydney Zatz, News Writer

This years’ annual food drive run by Student Government was another success. Seniors and freshmen teamed up in PAWS to try to beat the juniors and sophomores by donating more goods.

Mr. Kovach who’s been doing it for more than 10 years said, “This year’s goal was $2015 because the seniors had such a big part in planning the food drive. That’s one of the reasons we teamed them up with freshmen because they can show them how to be a leader. That way we can also unify them too instead of having a divide between the two grades.”

This year’s goal was $2015 because the seniors had such a big part in planning the food drive.”

— Mr. Kovach

This year through online donations, Eagan raised $920 which makes the total amount of money donated $4,100. Eagan was also able to donate 850 pounds of food. Kovach added, “We try to donate fresh goods. The food shelf try’s to stay away from ramen noodles and candy. They’re more health based which is nice.”

The food drive wasn’t as easy as it seems to put together. It’s about 3 hours of meetings and coordinating with the food shelf to plan out what they need the most and to set up the school fundraising schedule.

Kovach added, “We like this time of month because the Minnesota Food Shore will financially match our donations.” The food shelf is located by the Eagan Outlet Mall. For delivery day, Student Government members loaded up their cars at school and they brought it to the food shelf. There they put it in carts to weigh the food and that’s how they determine the amount donated.

“We donated more than last year and we hope that the fundraiser can keep growing” Kovach added.