Girls Lacrosse Hosts Annual Shoe Drive

Morgan Reddekopp, News Writer

Thursday, March 5th marked the start of the annual “Green Sneakers” Shoe Drive, run by the girl’s lacrosse team. All that you need to do if you choose to help out is donate your shoes. Any type of shoe is acceptable as long as you keep them together. To do this, you can tie the shoelaces together, or use a rubber band.

According to Senior Abby Gaedtke, this year’s goal is to get 200 bags of shoes. Each bag of shoes has approximately 25 pairs in it. Last year, the team was just under this goal. The team hopes to get more shoes in this year because of the growing number of team members.

Gaedtke says, “The last time I checked was right before spring break and there were about 45 bags.”

The fundraiser has a few steps. First, old pairs of shoes are collected. Then, they are rubber banded together. Lastly, they are put into bags and sent to the Green Sneaker Foundation.

This program serves as a great fundraiser for the Girl’s Lacrosse Team. For every pound of shoes donated to the Green Sneaker Foundation, they will give $0.10 to $0.25 to the team.

If you want to help the Girl’s Lacrosse Team, be sure to donate your old pairs of shoes soon! The donation bins are located near the welcome desk inside the doors as you head toward the main office.