Donations Encouraged at Upcoming Blood Drive

Elsie Goren, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Coming up on Wednesday, April 29th is the blood drive from 8:00 A.M. and 2:00 P.M. Situated in the stadium parking lot, this event is exclusively for EHS students, teachers, and faculty members. Currently, the blood type O negative is in high demand yet all varieties of blood will be gladly accepted and appreciated.

Hannah Lopresto, the drive organizer,encourages everyone to donate, nevertheless numerous restrictions prevail. In order to contribute, one must be at least 17 years of age with the exception of 16 years with a signed parental authorization slip. Additionally, a minimum weight of 110 pounds is required along with a previous 56-day interval free of blood donating.

For a lot of people it can be scary and a big accomplishment to do it for the first time, but, overall, it’s for a great cause”

— Hannah Lopresto

Furthermore, high school donors are obligated to present identification through a primary form of ID or two secondary forms. Lastly, a feeling of good health, enthusiasm, and the motivation to support those battling adversity should be at the forefront of a sponsors’ mind.

There are many suggested  tips for a successful contribution of blood to take place. Drinking plenty of water, wearing comfortable and loose-fitting clothing, maintaining healthy levels of iron in one’s diet, and bearing a list of medications consumed are essential for a smooth and relaxful transaction of blood. The actual donation takes approximately 8-10 minutes and extracts a pint of blood. Afterwards, 10-15 minutes of peacefulness is recommended followed by the continuation of your daily activities and a coupon for a free pint of Culver’s famous custard. Not only will a donor be capable of relishing the awesome taste of Culver’s flavorful custard, he or she can also savor the sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that subsequently follows any contribution.

Lopresto describes precisely how satisfactory the donating experience is and the benefits of starting at an earlier age, “If you’re interested in donating, it’s important to start when you’re younger because it builds a foundation for donating in the future. For a lot of people it can be scary and a big accomplishment to do it for the first time, but, overall, it’s for a great cause.”