Mrs. Nagel Announces Retirement

Mariam Tahir, News Editor

When Eagan High School first opened  it’s doors in 1990, Mrs. Nagel was behind the library desk working with students and teachers. Now after working for 25 years, she has announced her retirement.

Mrs. Nagel is responsible for ordering new material, making curriculum connections, working with other public agencies and colleges, and so much more.

“What I like most was working with students, and helping them find what they need,” she says.

When asked what she disliked most about her job she said, “Waking up early in the morning. I’m right there with the students.” Mrs. Nagel has many plans after retirement. “I now have 5 grandchildren, some in California and some in Duluth, so I look forward to spending my time with them.”

Also an avid quilter, she plans on spending more time doing that as the coordinator of Eagan High School’s Quilt Exhibit. Her advice for the next librarian is to “listen to the students and be responsive to the teachers needs.”

Thank you Mrs. Nagel for being such a great librarian, you will be missed.