Tips to Productive Studying

Sydney Zatz, News Writer

With the MCA’s, AP Tests and the ACT all happening at once, this next month or so will be a juggling act as far as studying goes. Every student has a different way of studying. Teachers always say to get enough sleep and to have a good breakfast. But what else can students do?

According to it’s important to understand your goals to priortize the most important tests. It also helps to start studying a month in advance so you’re not cramming last minute. Studies show that you only remember the last two hours of what you study. It’s important to study in 30 minute intervals and to take 10 minute breaks in between so you don’t overwhelm yourself.

I like writing it because it really helps you rememeber the material.”

— Monica Warner

Within the last 12-24 hours of a test, experts say it’s important to stop studying. In fact they say it will only stress you out more and you won’t be learning any new content anyways. Although it is said for those who need to study last minute, flashcards are a good resource. Deep Breaths and chewing on something minty are good methods to get your brain flowing and to calm you down.

Senior Monica Warner said, “ Making study guides really helps because you’re rewriting the material. I like writing it because it really helps you rememeber the material. It also helps to say it out loud to someone.”

Some student’s use flashcards, listen to certain types of music or they do the popular snacking trick. Student will place a piece of candy or some sort of snack at the end of each page or paragraph while reading. It’s like a little reward to yourself for studying. There are a multitude of ways to study and it’s important for each student to find the method that works best for them.