Graduation Speakers Announced

Mariam Tahir, News Editor

With the end of the school year coming up, graduation is just around the corner for the seniors. June 6th marks the end of the Class of 2015’s hard work and determination for four long years.

Every year the speakers at graduation change. There is always a faculty speaker, a senior student speaker, and two name readers. Mr. Rohr was chosen as the faculty speaker, David Immen as the senior student speaker, and Sarah Lardy and Garrett O’Keefe as the two name readers.

I loved my years here at Eagan so this is kind of a way for me to give back and help out

— Sarah Lardy

Being picked as a student speaker is no easy task. On April 29th auditions were held to choose these three positions. Students were to prepare a speech that was heard by a committee who then chose the student speaker that would speak at graduation. The second and third placed speakers became the name readers.

“For a name reader the most challenging part of it is pronouncing the names” says Sarah Lardy. They are given the list of all the names a week in advance to prepare and practice pronouncing the names. “Another challenge is keeping a consistent pace, because we do need to get through five hundred and sixty names”, explains Lardy.

“I loved my years here at Eagan so this is kind of a way for me to give back and help out” says Lardy. When asked what she would miss most about Eagan she said “I’ll definitely miss my friends who I won’t see as often and also the teachers”.

Good Luck to the speakers at graduation this year and congratulations to all the Seniors graduating, good luck to them in the future!