Band Directors Cancel Drumline 15-16 Season


Robyn Ehrlich

On Monday, June 8, the band directors announced to students during regular rehearsal that Drumline will not be offered next year on a “one-year trial basis.”

According to an e-mail sent to parents of current band students obtained by the Eagan Independent, the original purpose of starting Drumline in 1992 was have a group “made up entirely of percussionists to supplement their experience in the concert band program.” This years’ Drumline consisted of 9 percussionists and 25 non-percussionists, students who do not play percussion in the regular band program.

The response from parents, students, and alumni has generally been shock. An online petition created by Drumline participants currently has over 2,700 signatures and gained over 1,000 of those within the first three hours of going live.

In a message to this years’ Drumline, Drumline director Nate Zoellner described himself as “heartbroken” and “upset,” urging students and alumni to “keep a cool head about themselves” while this matter is handled.

The band department proposes to have three percussion ensembles next year to realign with the original intent of Drumline: battery percussion, concert percussion, and latin percussion, each with its own intent and performance schedule.

A meeting of band directors, Drumline directors, students, alumni and parents has been set for tonight at 8 pm in the band room.

The Drumline competed at the WGI World Champoinships in Dayton, Ohio this year and has 15 national titles.