Student Government Seeking New Members

Elsie Goren, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The start of a new school year always sparks the gathering of activities, and this year is no different. In addition to sports and academic teams are Eagan’s assortment of clubs, including student government.

This colorful group of high schoolers is currently hoping to enlist new members. Student government is open to individuals of all grades and the enrolling process is simple and uncomplicated. Those wishing to join need only visit the student government page on the Eagan website and fill out the non-fee activity form.
Worthy of note: When submitting the online form, remember to select all of the extra curriculars in which you are a participant, as well as student government.

Once registered, the rest is easy. The club convenes every Wednesday in Lecture Room C and organizes school events. Mr. Kovach, an advisor for the organization, explains how the students plan affairs such as “homecoming, dances, coronations, spirit weeks, Armful of Love, and food drives.” Additionally, if a tragedy transpires involving a student or a family member of a student, student government leads the mourning effort and assists in the coping process.

Clearly, student government facilitates many of the occasions that make Eagan High School distinctive. Whether it’s arranging staff appreciation days or collecting canned goods for a food drive, student government repeatedly ensures the success of school affairs. While the club can boast of its success with public events, the individuals involved can also relish the skills they’ve acquired. Besides expanding their ability to interact and effectively communicate with their peers, student government participants “learn organizational skills for later on in life,” as Mr. Kovach puts it.

The teacher’s favorite aspect of the activity is seeing all of the friendly faces at each gathering. Mr. Kovach loves “seeing all of the students that are involved, especially at our Wednesday meetings.”