EHS Veterans Day Assembly Preview

Elsie Goren, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Wednesday, November 11th is Veterans Day, a period of remembrance and commemoration of America’s soldiers. Naturally, the Veterans Day Assembly occurs in the main gymnasium to applaud and exalt these men and women. This year, it will begin at 9:00 and continue for 50 minutes. Beforehand, veterans and their families can attend a social hour with treats and coffee at 8:15.

Currently, the assembly is planned to proceed as usual, characterized by the themes of homecoming and empathy. The central message is one of community support and shared experiences after a soldier’s long trek home. Furthermore, choir singers and band players will connect their tunes to the assembly’s theme.

2015 represents the ninth year since Eagan High School started the Veterans Day Assembly tradition. Since then, it has become a major success, bringing in anywhere from 100 to 150 veterans annually. In simplest terms, attendance depends on the weather. Fortunately, the weather is only predicted to have a 35% chance of rain, because the more audience members, the merrier.

Sergeant Major Javier Duarte of the Marine Corps is the featured speaker for our current assembly. Often described as a dynamic speaker, he plans to relate his story to the audience in a ten to fifteen minute account. Before the marine goes on, a short introductory video about his life will play.  Sergeant Major Duarte has put his life on the line, guarding American embassies abroad and working under President Clinton at home, so his speech will undoubtedly move Eagan High School’s students.

While the theme, music, and speaker will differ from last year’s assembly, some aspects will remain the same. As usual, the veterans will be invited to sit on the floor with their family members and enter separately. Additionally, various people will stand to be honored, including veterans, and family members of soldiers, as well as high schoolers who plan to enlist. As a matter of fact, four Eagan seniors are already part of the Marines. As their peers, it is our duty to thank them.

Ms. Adams, one of the masterminds behind the assembly’s success, elaborates on the gathering of veterans. As a teacher with firsthand experience in the military, she anticipates the chance to recognize soldiers’ bravery.
“I’m always proud to be a part of it. It’s something that is important to us as a community.”