New K-Pop Dance Club

Arunima Bhattacharya, News Writer

The Eagan High School student body is incredibly diverse, and there are numerous clubs that celebrate and recognize this diversity. Among the many clubs that already exist, a new club has been formed to bring together lovers of Korean pop music – the K-Pop Dance Club. Lead by sophomores Samantha Riehle and Deshai Yang, the first meeting of this club brought in twenty two K-Pop lovers, and the group spent time discussing the purpose and goals of this new group.

Every club at Eagan High School is meant to bring people who share common interests together, and the K-Pop Dance Club is no different. While discussing the purpose of this club, Riehle says, “The purpose is for people to hang out and have fun, while learning about K-Pop, while sharing and developing their knowledge of K-Pop.

The creation of this group had started in the summer of 2014, when Yang and Riehle met and discussed their mutual interest in K-Pop. After meeting, the two decided to create a K-Pop club to carry through with their interests as well as the interests of the Asian community at Eagan High School. Yang says, “I know there are not a lot of Asian clubs here, and I was interested in doing this with [Riehle].”

The founders of this group also shared some of their goals for this club. One key goal is “hopefully to make it bigger,” as stated by Yang. She continues, saying, “Competing in competitions, tournaments, and talent shows,” is where she wants to see the team. They also want to see the group form and grow together as a family. As Riehle says, “Over time, and with just being able to hang out with each other, you’ll start to be more comfortable with the others, and you’ll start to become more family than friends and acquaintances.”

To become a part of this new family at Eagan High School, join their weekly meetings every Thursday in Room 188 or the dance studio, or follow their Facebook page: “Yeou Korean Dance Club”.