Students Petition for Weighted GPAs

Lauren Kalina, Editor-in-Chief

This week, a student petition sprung up at EHS. The movement calls for a new weighted GPA system, in which honors, AP, and CIS classes are worth more points than normal classes. This would give honors students more credit for the work they do and allow more people to take high-level courses without sacrificing their grade point averages.

The movement was sparked, fittingly, in an AP classroom. Two students were discussing how frustrating it was when getting lower grades in advanced classes threatened to bring down their whole GPAs. They saw the weighted system as a potential solution and resolved to try to get it implemented. The idea for a petition was jotted down and soon posted online.

If the petition reaches its goal of 1,000 signatures, the author plans to bring it to Eagan’s administration or the school board “to show how many kids do in fact want the weighted grading system.”

Further explaining their goals for the project, the author states, “I thought this would be my chance to actually make a difference at this school, to make the lives of students after me a little bit easier and less stressful.”

The petition can be found at

Update on the school’s response to follow.