New Vikings Headquarters in Eagan

Mariam Tahir, News Editor

With the new year comes exciting opportunities in Eagan. The Minnesota Viking payed over 18.7 million dollars and finalized the deal to buy a 185 acre site to build the football team’s headquarters and much more. The facility will be east of Dodd Road and south of Interstate 494.

The site used to be the headquarters of Northwestern Airlines. The new project plans include hotels, retail developments, conference rooms, and a restaurant. However, this is long term commitment. Chief operating officer of the team says, “This [could take]  thirty, forty, or fifty years.”

This is a four phase project. The first phase is estimated to be complete in 2020. The plan is to complete the headquarters as well as the indoor training facility. The second phase includes building a hotel and conference rooms. The third phase is to start in 2019 and finally the fourth phase is to start being built in 2025.

In the meantime, the Vikings are signed to be training at University of Minnesota’s training camp until 2018.

With this new facility as well as the new stadium, we can only hope that the Minnesota Vikings will make it to the Super Bowl sometime soon.