Hit the Drumline

Swati Rampalli, News Writer

Recently, Eagan High School’s Drumline placed 12th in Percussion Scholastic A Class and advanced into finals. This is the first time since 2003 that Eagan has placed into a finals competition. Drumline also performed on February 6th at the Eagan Percussion Festival in the EHS gym.

Simply put, drumline is considered another form of marching band, but in the case where only percussion instruments are used and performances take place in a gym compared to outside.

According to Elise Borman, a senior at EHS currently in drumline,  “Drumline is a sport of the arts activity, so it is a good way to stay active as well as improve upon your own musical abilities.” Each show has an evident theme and often tells a story so that there is a purpose, showing the theatrical aspect of Drumline as well.

Drumline is an activity that provides band and choir students with new opportunities to become well-rounded musicians by learning a new instrument while also forming new friendships and relationships with other fellow musicians.

At a typical rehearsal during the season, the battery and the front ensemble begin separately, and each group warms up and works on show music individually. In the last part of rehearsal, the two parts will come together to work in the full ensemble, where music is rehearsed as a full drumline to perfect every piece and put on a great show.

The rehearsal meetings for drumline are located in a variety of places such as the high school band room, choir room, cafeteria, gym, and some places in the middle school. Typically, the front ensemble can be found in the band room and the battery can be found in the commons.

Borman elaborates, “I think Eagan Drumline’s future is looking bright. We have a ton of new sophomore and freshman members and I’m pretty sure they’ll be sticking around.”

Also, because of Drumline, Borman claims to have found her true passion in music and is heading to school to major in music performance and music education.

Overall, don’t miss the exciting season drumline has planned and keep in mind the great future Drumline has in store for them. Perhaps you will be a part of it, too.