Super Tuesday Caucus at Eagan High School

Morgan Reddekopp, News Writer

March second marked Super Tuesday, the day that most states in our country hold their presidential caucuses. One of these states is Minnesota, and one of Minnesota’s Democratic caucuses was held at our very own Eagan High School. The Republican caucus was held at Black Hawk Middle School. Citizens young and old from all over the district came to Eagan to cast their caucus votes on who their ideal Democratic candidate would be.

Caucuses typically consist of people showing up to support their candidate, cast their vote, and staying longer to elect board members if they are very involved in the community. However, most people stay just to cast their vote.

Near the entrance of the school, the mood was very laid back with a steady flow of people. However, the upstairs level was an entirely different story. Tables were packed with citizens collecting buttons, pamphlets, and stickers. Some even signed up to volunteer their time for the candidates. Walking through our school’s halls was a struggle- even more than usual!

Though there were citizens of all different types, they all came to Eagan to play a role in deciding their next leader. Each voter came from a completely different background, but they all seemed to share the same purpose: To vote and to “see the process” of a Minnesota caucus. Each person had their own expectations of what this year’s caucus would be like. Some just wished for the success of their candidate. However, others expected the delegates to “present their case,” to “see the party in action,” or to “piece together the choices made in the fall.”

Whoever wins the presidential election this fall, hopefully they can help us succeed and work together as a nation. Anyone who attended either district caucus has surely played a role in supporting what they think is best for America.