Day of Silence- A Voice for the Voiceless


Morgan Reddekopp, News Writer

April 15th marks Day of Silence, a day that aims to bring attention to the silence faced by members of the LGBT+ community. They are silenced by name calling, harassment, bullying, and overall non-acceptance. In fact, the slogan of this day is, “Think about the voices you are NOT hearing today.”

Here at Eagan High School, the Day of Silence is led by our own EHS Spectrums. Earlier this year, Spectrums members petitioned to change our sexual education curriculum so it will be more beneficial to students, and met with Dr. Reikowski on this subject. They also met with various health teachers.

Spectrums is also creating a petition for Eagan High School to have gender neutral bathrooms. These bathrooms would not only benefit transgender students, but also help students who are unsure of their gender identity. On Thursday the 14th, they asked students to sign this petition and were seemingly successful.

Hopefully, no homophobia or transphobia occurs on this day. In the past, judgemental students ripped the Day of Silence “explanation cards” in half when students showed them as an excuse for not speaking. Day of Silence is meant to end the bullying and judgment that causes members of the LGBT+ community to live their lives in silence, and hopefully this day will help to change that.