Bike for Aryan

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Courtesy of

Cora Heinzen, News Writer

On September 22nd last year, Eagan’s own Aryan Mathur was killed in a car crash. On May 14th, Eagan High School students and community members will be biking to honor him. The event is partnering with Wings Financial Outreach to provide bikes to children and teens in Maginipudi Beach, India. Their new bikes will help them get to their schools.

The event will be hosted at the School of Environmental Studies (SES) on May 14th from 10 AM to 3 PM. It will feature a bike ride, live music, an art show, and food. T-shirts are available online to support the cause (or free with registration), and participating in or attending the event will provide support as well. For every hundred dollars raised, a bike will be donated.

On the event website, you can register, buy t-shirts, or donate to the cause.