April Showers Bring… AP Exams

April Showers Bring... AP Exams

Swati Rampalli, News Writer

The month of May proves stressful for many students with all the upcoming AP exams. APs are some of the most important tests of the year, so the level of stress is undeniably high. Trying to cover all the material from day one poses many questions from students and teachers on how to study for such a big exam.

With many AP teachers here at Eagan, resources are widely available. According to AP US History teacher Mr. Eschle, the best thing to do for the exam is to form study groups and quiz each other. The help of friends and peers while studying promotes a comfortable environment to review information.

Eschle elaborates, “Don’t reread the whole book. There’s not enough time and the AP exam doesn’t focus on the details. The most common mistake students make on the AP exam is that they don’t trust themselves and don’t have confidence. The class is a lot harder than the test itself.”

In the free response sections, most tests place great emphasis on the organization of thesis statements, another common mistake on the exams. Eschle also claims that because many students don’t follow the necessary items on the rubric, they screw up the writing.

Though the feelings before the AP tests are tense and stressful, everyone that afterwards they’re finally able to relax. All the hype and the hard work are eventually worth it! For example, after the AP US History exam, the class focuses on film analysis as well as broader topics and larger projects for the upcoming year.

Although AP exams are currently causing many of us a lot of stress, by this Friday it’ll all be over. Classes will begin to center on new curriculum and all the tensions will ease over, allowing the AP students to enjoy the rest of the school year.