BPA Competes at Boston Nationals


Credit: Ridhima Mishra

Elsie Goren, Co-Editor-in-Chief

From May 5th – 9th, a select few attended the Business Professionals of America’s national tournament in Boston, Massachusetts. Nine students from Eagan’s team traveled to the East Coast to represent our high school. Overall, the tournament attracted approximately 5,000 individuals and 23 states, including Puerto Rico.

In order to travel to nationals, BPA members worked their way through various competitions. Regionals transpired in January with open attendance. Depending on the event, the top 3-6 qualifiers went to the state meet. From there, the best individuals in each category were eligible for nationals.

At the nationals gathering, the National Officer Election Process occurred with the intent to elect next year’s national officers. Eagan’s very own Subha Ravichandran and Ridhima Mishra were voting delegates in the operation, which entailed caucuses, campaign rallies, and speeches.

Among those in attendance, Mishra won first place in Interview Skills. The three-time nationals attendee has been involved in BPA since her freshman year. Originally focusing on fiscal research and economic theory, Mishra concentrated her efforts on interview skills for her final year in the organization.

“Nationals were some of the best memories I have of high school,” Mishra reminisces. “The beauty of BPA is that it’s very serious when you’re competing, but the atmosphere is so encouraging to everyone.”

Next year, the national tournament will take place in Orlando, Florida. Business Professionals of America always welcomes prospective students. The activity primarily focuses on competition in events related to business, entrepreneurship, and economics.

Mishra does not plan to obtain a business major. Nevertheless, she explains, “I feel like the skills in BPA can apply anywhere.”

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Credit: Ridhima Mishra
Credit: Ridhima Mishra