New Discussions Club at EHS


Olivia Crutchfield

Nautica Flowers, Josh Drucker, and Annika Scott

Isabelle Hopewell, Features Writer

In the election’s aftermath, for many, discussing politics with family members has created tension. However, the new discussions club run by juniors Nautica Flowers, Annika Scott, and Josh Drucker, along with the help of Mrs. Corbett, offers a safe environment to talk about social and political issues.

At each meeting, there are two sides to an assigned topic and a facilitator to help mediate the conversation. Each group has an equal amount of time to explain their opinions on the subject. At the end of the meeting, there is time to vote on the next topic.

Both Flowers and Scott agree that respect is key for the group to function. Respecting all opinions and coming to the meetings with an open mind are important rules of the discussions club.

With so many differing opinions at Eagan, it’s important to listen to others. The discussions club preaches healthy discourse. Diversity in ideology is encouraged as long as it’s kept under control. Nautica Flowers explains that the group will prompt “light-hearted, serious conservation in a respectful environment.” Members of the group are expected to listen, not interrupt, creating a safe atmosphere in which students can speak their mind.

Despite the club being student-led, Mrs. Corbett helps out during meetings, although she hopes that her presence won’t be needed. Enthusiastic about the club, Corbett exclaims that “Student discussion is one of the main reasons why I became a teacher. For me, student discussion is one of the most important skills students can walk away having.” Mrs. Corbett understands that “we need to be able to talk to each other. I hope that it helps students to give them a space to talk to each other in a respectful, mature way.” Annika Scott believes the new club will “create discussion amongst the students at Eagan.” Her goal is to make a “positive change” throughout Eagan High School.

Overall, the leaders of the discussions club are optimistic about the group’s impact on the school. During the election upheaval, Scott and Flowers found that they didn’t have a safe and respectful outlet to talk about real world issues, prompting the need for a discussions club. They want to engage in real discussions about important topics.

Scott and Flowers hope that the club will give people a chance to expand their knowledge, positively impact the school, and most importantly, have fun. Meetings are held twice a month from 2:30 to 3:30. For more information, contact Nautica Flowers, Annika Scott, Josh Drucker, or Mrs. Corbett.