Bringing Back the Sadie Hawkins Dance

Mariam Tahir, News Editor

In 2017, the Sadie Hawkins Dance will return to Eagan High School. Sadies is traditionally a dance in which girls invite guys. In previous years, the dance took place in November. However, when attendance got too low, to the point where the administration would have had to cancel it, the dance was moved to March.

The dance was called Sadies goes to March Madness, named after the NCAA basketball tournament. “Everybody had started wearing jerseys, so we decided to play off of that so people had matching jerseys,” explains Student Government advisor, Mr. Kovach.

Every year, the theme changed. One year, it was Sadies goes to New York. Another year, it was Sadies goes to Vegas. However, due to low student turnout, the administration ended the event.

Two years ago, the volleyball tournament replaced the Sadies Dance. This year, Student Government is going to give the dance a try again. “A lot of seniors asked to try to bring it back,” says Mr. Kovach. A presale will take place, and 250 tickets must be sold to bring the Sadies dance back.

“I prefer a volleyball tournament, because I don’t play anymore and it’s really fun to do that,” remarks junior Hanna Schmitt. Many students have wondered why Eagan High School doesn’t have a winter formal instead. “I would go to a winter dance if we did add another dance,” describes Schmitt. “It’s always a possibility. I mean, anything’s a possibility. If students want it, then we’ll try it,” confides Mr. Kovach.

If the Sadies Dance is held, the volleyball tournament may be held in March or April. “Maybe even another group might do it instead of Student Government,” Mr. Kovach clarifies.

The Sadies Hawkins dance is planned to take place on February 11th, 2017. Tickets cost $10.