Robbery in the Loser Lot

Marisa Goffman, Features Writer

On Tuesday, January 3rd, a robbery in the “loser lot” was reported to the Eagan Police Department. There have been many stories and rumors about what took place on that day, ranging from gunshots to a drug deal. The real story is very peculiar.

According to the Eagan police report, three high school students between 15 years and 16 years were in the middle of a drug deal with three different people in the Northview Park parking lot, when one of the three dealers took out a gun, pointed it at the juveniles, and yelled at them to hand over their valuables.

“During the confrontation, it is believed a gunshot was fired in the air and the suspects left the area,” reports the Eagan police news release. Information has not yet been released on what, if anything, was stolen from the three teenagers, nor the suspects. However, police are updating information as it becomes available.

On January 10th, the police department released another report stating that two of the three suspects were arrested. The first suspect was a 17-year-old male charged with Aggravated Robbery in the 1st degree, as well as a man from St. Paul who was arrested on the same charges.

The third suspect has been identified, but no information on him or her is being released at this time. Police have reassured Eagan High School and the community that the three suspects no longer pose a threat. Luckily, no one within the deal was injured, as well as no students or faculty members. Police are still on the lookout for the final suspect.