Drumline Travels to Ohio

Marisa Goffman, Features Writer

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On April 20th, the Eagan drumline team competed in the WGI Internationals tournament in Dayton, Ohio. The team performed its show, “Brand New,” in front of a panel of judges as well as audience members. Eagan placed 16th in its division and was one of the top 100 teams in the world. The drumline team did not move on to finals but is determined to do better next year.

Dayton, Ohio is the home of Winter Guard International, which hosts drumline competitions. During the week of drumline finals, teams from all over the world travel to Ohio to compete against each other. Eagan did not advance past the first round of competition, but the students had a good time.

Livvy Johnson, a freshman vibraphone player, states, “Even though we didn’t move on, I think everyone had an amazing time. We all really bonded together more and watched other shows.” She continued to say how watching the World Class inspired her to become the best percussionist she can be. Johnson clarifies, “After watching the World Class, which is […] the elite [drumline members], everyone in drumline was inspired to become better and work harder, so we can get first next year.”

I think everyone had an amazing time.

— Livvy Johnson

A lot of work went into preparing for Dayton. Drumline director Eric Krueger comments, “We rehearse three hours on Mondays and Thursdays as well as around eight to twelve hours on Saturdays. I believe all of the kids in drumline have put in the work and have the passion to become the best drumline we can.” Krueger is already thinking about next year’s shows and potential improvements.

Drumline members are already preparing for next year, and they are determined to do better in Dayton with the help of new members. Johnson believes the number one reason people aren’t joining drumline is because they think it is too “cultish” and time-consuming. She asserts, “It isn’t as time-consuming as everyone thinks it is, and if someone was interested in becoming part of a group and community that will stay by you forever, then join drumline. Everyone should join.”