Homecoming Dodgeball Tournament

Louie Klausner and Katharine Anderson

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Homecoming week at Eagan High School was full of dress-up days and several competitions, one of which was the annual dodgeball tournament. In a gym full of energy and excitement, Dane Miller, a senior on the winning boys’ team, describe the tournament as “super intense. It was fun, [and] everyone was into it.” The event drew in competitors and spectators alike. Teams dressed up in coordinating outfits and competed in three different divisions: girls, boys, and co-ed.

One of the referees for the event, Mr. Becker, referred to it as “organized chaos. It is so much fun. My favorite parts of it are the way that kids dress up, their themes, and seeing the joy in their faces. The emotions are so up and so down, winning, losing, you can literally cut the tension in the room with a knife.”

Sydney Vergin, a junior from the winning co-ed team explains that “teamwork, athletic ability, [being] competitive, and [good] communication” were all skills that contributed to her team’s success. Senior Rachel Kram, who was on the winning girls’ team, concludes, “It’s a really fun night. I’m really glad we have it at school.”