Calling Grades 10-12: Win a Trip to the Boundary Waters!

Annie Weight, Features Editor

Are you itching for a little adventure this summer? Do you want to test your limits, learn new skills, and spend time in the outdoors?  Then pay attention — the Ely Outfitting Company is awarding one high school student and friends a five day canoe trip in northern Minnesota in summer 2018.

The contest is open to current sophomores, juniors, and seniors.  To enter, each student must submit a 1,000 to 1,500 word essay answering this question:  Why do you want to go on a parent-free BWCA Wilderness canoe-camping adventure with your friends?  

The winning writer, plus 2-3 friends, will be awarded a complete outfitting package to explore the lakes and woods up north.  This includes things like lightweight Kevlar canoes, tents and sleeping bags, trail meals, maps, an emergency communication device, and more.  The Ely Outfitting Company will help select an appropriate route based on the group’s abilities and interests (no previous experience required!), and provide orientation and training before the group leaves.

All entrants will also receive a $50 coupon towards a complete outfitting package, and several randomly selected entrants will get water bottles, t shirts, stickers, and/or hats as well.  

The contest website states, “We want … [the] next generation to take the reins of schools, businesses, and … government with a developed connection and appreciation for public lands”.  Their goal is to get high school kids outside and interacting with their environment so that this future can become a reality, but safety is top priority (if you or your parents are skeptical, check out the link below!).  

Does this sound interesting?  Think about entering!  This is an incredible opportunity to, at the very least, practice your creative writing skills, and at most, have a life-changing experience in the wilderness of northern Minnesota.  I know I’ll be submitting an essay of my own!  Entries are due February 11th.

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