Behind the Scenes of Encore “The Edge”

Tori Westenberg, News Editor

Eagan high school’s theater department is back on stage with their Encore production of “The Edge.” The Encore show of 2018 is the perfect upbeat show to see that’ll have you entertained from beginning to end. Encore showcases various singers, dancers, and instrumentalists. From full-company numbers to solos, the show is packed with the many talents of Eagan High School’s students.

The theme this year is “The Edge” and was picked by Mr.Schafer, director of the show. “The Theme was Inspired by the lady gaga song. The theme always has to be broad enough to fit almost any song into it and sometimes it’s kind of a stretch, which is why we chose The Edge,” recalls Mr.Schafer. Along with a different theme, this year also features many other new components. “This year we have more full company numbers and more songs people will recognize as well as original student art and behind the scenes sorts of things like photos and short videos that show people what really goes into making the show,” enlightened Mr.Schafer

I love the high energy the students bring to the stage along with their positive attitudes.”

— Mr.Schafer

A lot goes into the making of such a big production in such a short time. Performer in the show Charlotte Landmark informs that “It’s challenging to get a ton of people together with time schedules, commitment and getting everyone on the same wavelength of everything that’s happening. Some nights we’re here for 8 hours after school. So it’s kinda hard to do that and manage homework and practicing outside of rehearsal.”

“Theater gives me a way to express myself, get out my anger and stress because it’s a lot to do, but in the end it’s really fun to get together with all the people and have all these great friendships and make something great,” Landmark declared. Encore’s “The Edge” Opens April 27th and runs until May 5th. Ticket purchasing as well as information and show dates can be found online on the Eagan High School Website. “I love the high energy the students bring to the stage along with their positive attitudes,” Mr.Schafer praised. “You don’t have to follow a plot and it’s a great way to support your friends while every moment you watch, you see something different!” Landmark exclaimed.