One Man, Two Guvnors kicks off theater line up


Tori Westenberg, News Editor

Eagan High School theater kicks off a new year with the delightfully humorous fall play, One Man Two Guvnors. Set in the British seaside town of Brighton, charming but cunning Francis is hired as a bodyguard for Roscoe Crabbe, a small-time hood from the East side of London. Francis also takes another job working for Stanley, and has to maneuver his way through having two jobs without his guvnors finding out.

“I auditioned for this show because James Corden starred in it on Broadway, and it’s a lot of physical humor,” senior lead, Claire Nelson said. “It’s kind of Shakespearean in the way it’s laid out, like one of those classic dramatic comedies. There’s miscommunication and love affairs going on, and it’s very complex and very funny.”

Senior lead Grant Davis plays the role of Francis, a hungry, clumsy and somewhat dumb man. He works for two separate people when he is not supposed to. “It’s been challenging not laughing on stage. It’s a really genuinely funny show, all my castmates are really hilarious,” Davis said.

Within theater there’s several things you learn that you couldn’t have discovered anywhere else. “I am so much more of a confident person because of theater,” Nelson said, describing her own theater experience. “I feel like putting on different characters helps you figure out who you are as a person.”

While actors are hard at work onstage, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes as well. “To prepare for shows, I meet with directors to see what they have in mind, to find out our time periods, color schemes, or needs for costumes,” costume director Mr. Melchior explained. “My favorite part of the job is the satisfaction of when everything is done and it all comes together.”

Directing also poses all sorts of obstacles in bringing the show together. “The greatest challenge for doing comedy, especially a really physical comedy, is it’s all about the timing and the execution of the physical comedy. We have a guy falling into the pit, it’s a delicate balance, if the audience is worried they won’t laugh,” Director Ms. Owzarek said.

Senior stage manager Rachael Norton explains that with her particular position, it is helpful when people are listening and understanding her role with them. “Having organizational skills are huge backstage because you have to organize your script with blocking, lighting, sound and tech cues, scene changes, blackouts, ect.,” Norton added. “This is something that I really want to do going into my career, so this is definitely helping me prepare.”

“Laughing together is good for your soul and your health. There’s no serious, deep messages in this play. It’s all about pure fun,” Ms.Owzarek said. Norton agreed, also stating, “People should come to the show because it’s a new way to see your peers, it’s going to catch you off guard and it’s unpredictable, which makes it all the more fun.”

One Man Two Guvnors will be shown October 7, October 11, October 12, and October 13, all at 7:00 p.m. Tickets can be purchased on the Eagan High School website and before each performance for only $5.