Hydration Club makes a splash


Tori Westenberg, News Editor

Hydration Club proved to be very popular Eagan High School, with its first meeting this past Dec 8th. As stated by Mr.Benson, club supervisor, “The beginning of our first meeting was a mob; a borderline riot.” Within one week of its announcement, the word of hydration club had spread to a notable population of the school.

Benson explained how he believes that a significant amount of kids were just there for the FOMO factor and wanted to find out what it was. “Even after many of the kids began to slowly clear out, by the end we still had at least 80 kids in the room.”

“A lot of friends and I carry around water bottles at school and we think hydration is something that can help you throughout the day at school,” leader and founder of the club, Trevor Howard, said. “We also thought the club would be an overall good time.” Benson revealed his reason for the club’s endorsement is “to share knowledge of water, as well as the comedy factor.”

So far, In the club for its first two meetings, the activities have included chances to vote on the best water fountain as well as taking field trips to test them out.

While Hydration Club may have started out as a chance for a laugh, it has good intentions moving forward. “Its main goal is to help people hydrate themselves, but pretty soon we are going to be selling water bottles and all the proceeds will go to a charity we will decide later,” Howard enthused. Benson supports the idea moving forward of “raising funds to support clean water” as well.

The future of Hydration Club is well on its way. If you want to check out what all the hype is about, Hydration Club meets every Friday in the band room from 2:25 to about 3:30. All are encouraged to bring their own water bottles to hydrate.