Legally Blonde takes the stage, no objection here

Ana McMahon, Sports Editor

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Legally Blonde, now a musical, was originally based off of the movie and book of the same name. Legally Blonde tells the story of Elle Woods, a stereotypical blonde sorority girl who enrolls at Harvard law school to try and win back her boyfriend, Warner. Originally, no one has faith in Elle but she continues to work hard, staying true to herself, defying everyone’s expectations.

“Legally Blonde is different from other musicals that we’ve done at Eagan due to that it is a pop musical,” said Mr. Cox, the vocal director of the musical. “Pop musicals have music similar to what you hear on the radio that demands a different way to use your voice, forcing a more powerful and brighter sound called belting.” He has also shared that the show is different as “it is pretty edgy. There is some profanity and some suggestive material and body movements that may raise an eyebrow or two.”

This year, the cast is fairly young. Many of the bigger roles are occupied by sophomores and juniors. The cast is made up of 43 students, which is smaller to shows Eagan has had in the past. With this Cox stated that there is “a lot of cultural diversity within the cast, as we have always tried to put the best representation, visual, and otherwise, of Eagan High School up on stage.” Along with this, the cast includes two dogs.

Sophomore Graham Zemke, who plays the role of Emmett and has always loved the show, said “The ability to portray a character that has become a cultural icon is really fun.” Zemke adds that he would like to “keep what people love about the character, while adding his own twist on him.”

“I am most excited to cheer for these actors as they perform. They have worked so hard and they have an outstanding show,” said Cox. “They are amazing and I know opening night will be filled with laughter, cheers, and the audience will be walking out feeling empowered.”

Legally Blonde’s opening weekend was a huge success, and will be shown next weekend as well. On May 2, May 3, & May 4, there will be shows at 7 p.m. Tickets can be purchased on the Eagan High School website and before every performance for $9 for adults, $7 for seniors 62 and over, and $5 for students and children.