Faith Club’s first “Fields of Faith”


Carson Powell, Co-Editor in Chief

Faith Club’s youth outreach event, Fields of Faith, has stirred up lots of buzz in the hallways of Eagan High School. Senior Elise Elliott, who began the planning process last July, is working with six other EHS students and Pastor Micah Mac to bring it to life tomorrow.

Fields of Faith has been held at many other schools, however this is its first at Eagan. “It’s just a time for students to come together and praise God,” said Haven Langley, one of the students in charge of the event.

Fields of Faith will take place on May 14 at 7 p.m. in the football stadium. The night will feature live and upbeat music, a rock-paper-scissors tournament (the winner of which will receive a pair of AirPods), and guest speaker Pastor Micah Mac will make an appearance. Student testimonies in which students will share their faith journey will also take place.

The event is open to anybody interested, and is not limited by faith or denomination. No sign up is needed to attend, and anybody and everybody is welcome.

“It’s for people that range from going to church every day to people who have never stepped foot in a church or believe in God at this point,” Matt Anderson, one of the students that has helped with planning, said. “Just come and check it out, it’s going to be fun.” Anderson also plans on sharing his personal experience at the event.

Although this is the first year it’s been brought to Eagan, many are hopeful Fields of Faith will become an annual event. It all depends on turnout, so any interested students should give it a try.

“It’s going to be a great event for all students,” Langley said. “It will be such a great opportunity to find true joy in Christ, or simply have a great time with your friends.”

For more information, visit @eaganfof2019 on Instagram.