Why are the curly fries gone?


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Spicy Curly Fries with Ketchup in a Take out Container

Sana Tahir, Features Writer

The new school year has brought a lot of changes to Eagan High School, from the gym floors to the new mural in the lunchroom. However, one change affecting a lot of students is the a la carte options that have been discontinued. Many of the foods that were cut were popular amongst the students.

Eagan High School now has gotten rid of almost all the fried food options in Ala Carte in hopes of having a healthier menu. Some of the options taken away were the french fries, doughnuts, corn dogs and Pop-Tarts. Throughout the first days of lunch, many kids were confused about where these foods had gone and were disappointed. In addition to taking away the fried foods, items that were reheated after they have already been cooked were also taken away.

Spencer Fisher, the food and nutrition coordinator for District 196 explained why these foods were discontinued. “Well there are multiple reasons, but some of the items that were on the a la carte were not in compliance with the food safety standards; we were in violation of the USDA regulations. These actions were made to protect the health of the students.”

District 196 is governed by the USDA, and if we were to not follow the USDA’s rules, school lunch prices would increase from $2.65. Fisher explained that the menu team is looking for different options that kids would enjoy but that also fit into the regulations. The lunch team is on the lookout for ideas so more healthy food options can be a part of the Eagan High School Menu.